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I also offer authentic Indian cooking  and baking classes for teenagers  and groups. Recipe prints, apron, note cards and food will be provided in every class. I have listed a few of my favourites  here. If you are interested in any  other dish, I would be glad to help  you. You can pick from preset menu or  customize your own dishes for the  class.
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Cooking and inventing new recipes is my passion. This is a wonderland  for anyone who is passionate about cooking. You can learn multiple fusion  recipes and discover new vegetarian ideas for dishes from around the world. Due to the many requests from my family and friends for my recipes, I  created this website to share my ideas about food and teach aspiring artists by  holding cooking classes. Taking this small step, I hope to keep exploring more  worldwide cuisines and develop my own twist in each dish I design, which I can  share with everyone. Although the ingredients will need to be paid for by you all, the income of  my delicious project will be donated directly to the charity of your choice. We  can have a blast as well as contribute to our community! So, if you’re interested, feel free to contact me and you can bring a small  group of your friends. Au revoir Aspiring Artists!  [Bye Aspiring Artists]